History of my NM application

I apply (2007-07-26)
I am advocated (2007-07-26)
Mail from FD(myon) (2007-08-12)
I reply (2007-08-15)
FD(myon) says OK (2007-08-17)
AM assigned (2007-12-05)
First mails from my AM(white) (2007-12-06)
ID check done (2007-12-07)
P&P1 check done (2007-12-21)
P&P2 check done (2008-01-17)
T&S1 check done (2008-05-04)
T&S2 check done (2008-05-13)
AM report (2008-05-13)
FD(wouter) check done (2008-07-23)
DAM(myon) approval (2008-09-03)
Account created by DSA(weasel)  (2008-09-08)
Debian Beer/Pastis Party in Marseille (2008-09-15)

Thanks to all Debian people in particular opal, lmamane, white, madcoder, myon, wouter and weasel.

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