How to secure Livebox ADSL connection

My mission of this week-end was to secure the France Telecom ADSL access of my parents. ADSL connection is made with Livebox, a router/modem box. But it’s not easy to manage (no command-line access, limited functionnalities) then I shut down DHCP and Wi-Fi on Livebox and put a famous WRT54G to have powerful and secure services. Of course, I used OpenWRT with dnsmasq (small and flexible DNS cache and DHCP), dropbear (SSH server) and network utilities (tcpdump, nmap, iptables, snmpd). For Wi-Fi connectivity, I configured access point to have WPA2/EAP/PSK with a 63 random-characters passphrase. All tests were OK with Windows XP native WPA client, Linux wpa_supplicant or even Nintendo Wii box.

Mission Accomplished!

One Response to “How to secure Livebox ADSL connection”

  1. SunWukong says:

    Well, as a matter of fact, it seems that securing a Livebox ADSL connexion means avoiding using that damned orange box as far as possible :-D

    In case you look for such a 63 chars string again, you may wish to have a look there :

    And if I ever want to configure a WTR54G myself, I’ll have here a nice starting point, full of names and promises :-)