My Acer Aspire laptop : RIP

Today is a sad day. My famous Acer laptop is definitly dead. Hardware crash takes it suddenly while a classical compilation.

Acer Aspire

According to SMART informations, my laptop was up during about 11.000 hours, then more 458 days (not too bad for three-old-years laptop). It boots about 1.900 times. The only system on it was Debian Linux.


2 Responses to “My Acer Aspire laptop : RIP”

  1. pedrov says:


    I don’t know if you remember me, I wrote you about this laptop and the savage 3D acceleration on xfree / xorg. I have (had ?) the same, but mine -still alive- is now “retiring” because of a new acquisition.

    I’ve to say that ACER hardware is (was ?) not so good ; i bought my laptop in september 2003 :
    – The battery was dead after one year and a half of service
    – The power plug inside the laptop was unsoldered 2 years after the acquisition. After a re-soldering, the mousepad stopped to work.
    – The hard disk died in january 2006.
    – the power plug desoldered again one year later.

    Now i’m going to give it to a cousin, so that she could watch dvds. End of its story, RIP to your laptop anyway, and obviously, long life to the debian project ;-)

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