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Migration from GNU Arch to Git for Horde packages

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

All Horde packages (horde3, imp4, kronolith2…) were in GNU Arch repository. After Lenny release, we decided to migrate to Git. Git has a lot cool features, and I was convinced by Pierre Habouzit talk about Packaging with Git. Technically, I used git-archimport to keep all history of packaging. Each package has a Git repository with some branches: upstream, upstream+patches, upstream+repack (if needed), pristine-tar, debian-sid (imported from GNU Arch) and debian-<release>. The hardest step was to set up a common ancestor for debian-sid and upstream branches: I found git-merge-unrelated-branch script to do it automagically. I write guidelines for packaging Horde with Git on Debian Wiki with some notes about migration from GNU Arch to Git. Comments welcome!